aldryn estacio

April 15, 2014

{April 2014 – Blood Moon}

Hope you were all able to witness the Total Lunar Eclipse last night/this morning. Here’s my photo composition shot from 10pm-1:15am. I took a approximately 100 photos and narrowed it down to these 15 to display the stages.

2014_Lunar_Eclipse3_2048_sq 2014_Lunar_Eclipse3_2048_wide

April 13, 2014

Downtown Seattle

Last one from #seattle. Forgot I shot this one. Quick flyt overlooking #downtown Seattle and #elliotbay#pugetsound. 7 image stitch


March 11, 2014

{Crystal Pier} Mission Beach, CA.

After a long day at work today, it felt good to take a break with a nice sunset flyt. 16 image mini stitch composition.


February 17, 2014

{Balboa Park Fountain}

Snapped on #presidentsday, here’s a birds eye view shot directly above the center of the #fountain at #balboapark #sandiego


February 16, 2014

{24 Months of Alexander}

I wanted to post this before his birthday ended tonight. The last two years have been amazing and it honestly still feels surreal to be called Dad. Happy birthday son. Mommy and I love you and we hope you had a fun birthday week.


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